While we'd love to spill the beans about our current and previous clients, we will not. The reason clients use our service, in particular, is because of the anonymity we promise. We create, maintain, engage, and analyze your network, but no one knows that it is not you doing the clever posting and interacting. This is a huge perk for clients wanting to look like they are growing organically because you're just THAT good!


As the aforementioned paragraph states, we cannot divulge the names of our clients, however, we can share the people and industries with which we've had the pleasure of working.

  • Actors/Producers/Independent Films

  • Real Estate Companies/Agents

  • Inventors of products in both the dental field and tech gadgets.

  • Toy store-Independent


"To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider this my formal recommendation for Lorna Sheehan as an Event Marketing/Social Media Manager. I hired her to manage a 500+ commercial real estate event in 2015 as a precursor to an international conference. It was imperative that the event run smoothly and that all members in attendance enjoyed themselves; I am happy to say that Lorna’s attention to detail, organization and creative guidance made the night one that other companies will try to replicate in the future. She took it upon herself to make sure all aspects leading up to, during, and after the event were as streamlined as possible, all the while keeping us in the loop of what she needed from us to make our night a success.


With her social media presence, we reached more brokers and real estate agents, increasing visibility to our company and our clients. We tasked Lorna with the responsibility to use her best judgement when hiring a caterer, event staff, live entertainment, and vendors to assist in showcasing our properties and tenants—all of which were executed to perfection. We at **** Commercial firmly believe that we could not have pulled off such an important event without her help. We highly recommend Lorna to any company needing assistance."

L. Hansen, Director of Operations